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Nel bonte visual artist
Way of working: visual art ‘2014 The spatial work by Nel Bonte is a calculated and visual language where the conventional shapes oscillate between sculptural and architectural. Time and again there exists an exploration of the relationship and interaction between the mathematical, calculated geometries and the organic, the intuitive. The result is a development of organic volumes on one hand and the strict geometric forms in stark contrast on the other hand. Nel pays attention to filling a space with a new reality. The starting point is what exists, such as the environment, people, location and structures. These elements are all transformed by personal codes and arithmetic. Symmetry, reflection, rotation and repetition are obvious elements. The Golden Ratio plays an important role in her personal research, as well as in the construction of a sculpture. With this personal interpretation of existing facts she creates a new reality in an alienating atmosphere. She accentuates the duality between a blurry renewed unrealistic authenticity and actuality itself. With her sculptures, she aims to create and exchange a dialogue between the observer and the space.The visual grammer such as sculpture, concept, lighting and technique are precisely constructed which establishes the communication. The entire process that evolves from thought patterns to technical execution defines the final setup